Nordic Trips

Any Regina Ski Club member may register for any trip at the Registration Night Sunday November 6 2016 7:00 to 9:00 PM.
Or you may contact the designated Coordinator of your trip of interest at any time prior to the trip date.
Register early, because many trips sell out.

Fred Cameron Memorial Bench
Rundle Lake Trail – Duck Mountain Park

Canmore Nordic Centre
Canmore Nordic Trip

Nordic Trip schedule for the 2016-2017 season:

All trips EXCEPT the Canmore trip leave by bus Saturday at 7:30 or 8:00 AM from the SaskPower parking lot between Scarth and Hamilton Streets north of 13th Ave. Try to arrive one half hour early for loading. One and two-day trips return to the same location in the early evening.

Most trips will transport one busload of skiers. The Canmore Trip and the Duck Mountain Loppet Trip will use two buses each.

* The Canmore trip leaves at 12:30 PM (loading at 12 pm) from the Harbour Landing Walmart parking lot, SE corner.
The Canmore trip also has alpine options. Accommodation in Canmore will be at the Rocky Mountain Ski Lodge again this year.

Costs listed below cover the bus trip only. Meal costs and accommodation costs in the case of multi-day trips are not included.
(A strikethrough means a trip is cancelled. Changes are in boldface.)

Trip Date Time Trip Name Destination Trip Leader Phone Adult Child
Sat Dec 10 8:00 AM Madge / Duck Mountain
Early Bird Day Trip
changed to
Moose Mountain Park
Dave Safnuk 306-543-9877 $35 $20
Sat Dec 17 8:00 AM Kenosee Day Trip Moose Mountain
Prov Park
Lorna McPherson 306-949-1623 $35 $20
Jan 7-8
9:00 AM Madge / Duck Mountain
Weekend Special
changed to
Moose Mountain Park
Joanne Zepp
Tracy Johnson
$70 $35
Sat Jan 21 9:00 AM Prince Albert changed
to Kenosee Day Trip
changed to
Moose Mountain Park
Barry Mang 306-584-0663 $35 $20
Jan 26
to Jan 30
12:30 PM * Fred Cameron Memorial
Canmore Trip
Canmore, Alberta Amber Carlson
Steve Biden
$190 $115
Sat Feb 11 8:00 AM Kenosee / Moose Mountain
Sweetheart Day Trip
changed to
Duck Mountain Park
Terry O’Fee 306-545-5851 $35 $20
Sat Feb 18 8:00 AM Greenwater Day Trip Greenwater
Prov Park
Judy Young 306-352-2922 $35 $20
Sat Feb 25 7:30 AM Madge / Duck Mountain
Day Trip and Loppet
Duck Mountain
Prov Park
Joyce Wolfe 306-546-2370 $35 $20
Sat Mar 4 8:00 AM Kenosee Day Trip Moose Mountain
Prov Park
Sylvie Roy
Rob Wright
306-586-6441 $35 $20
Loppets of Interest 2016-2017

Various ski clubs throughout the province sponsor loppets and similar events. A loppet is a gathering of skiers who ski on specified routes of various distances. You may be as competitive or non-competitive as you like. Food and drink are provided at various points of the course during the event. Afterwards there’s usually a meal provided with a bit of a party to go with it. Entry fees are typically quite reasonable.

For details, see the Cross Country Saskatchewan website and the websites of the sponsoring clubs.
Links to most of the club websites may also be found on the CCS website.

Date Event Location Comments
Jan 29 2017 Prince Albert Loppet Prince Albert
Feb 11 2017 Valentine’s Loppet Carlton Trail
Feb 17 2017 Lamplighter Loppet Good Spirit Park
Feb 25 2017 Duck Mountain Loppet Duck Mountain Park see RSC bus trip above
Mar 3-4 2017 Sundog Challenge Yorkton
Mar 3-4 2017 Don Allan Saskaloppet La Ronge

Essentials for a Safe Day of Nordic Skiing: (prepared by Mary Saso)

Communication, direction and timing: trail map, compass, whistle, watch,
cell phone with emergency phone numbers, including local emergency help and trip coordinator
Note: cellular coverage is not always available
Nourishment: suggested every half hour: drinks (water, juice, health drinks), energy bars, chocolate, jerky, nuts
Warmth: candles, matches, a metal container to hold candle or melt snow, toilet paper, hand and foot warmers, aluminum type safety blanket, extra mitts, socks, toque, jacket or sweater
First Aid: basic first aid kit, tensor bandage and sling
Repair: ski wax, replacement ski tip, utility knife with screw driver blade, duct tape

Moose Mountain Park

Duck Mountain Park

Eb’s Trails – Nesbit Provincial Forest