Regina Ski Club Programs

Planning for Regina Ski Club programs for the upcoming 2016-2017 season is well underway. In fact, many of the competitive skiers and biathletes are already busy with dryland training. Please continue to check back throughout September, October and November as program details and schedules for the 2016-2017 season are finalized.

The Regina Ski Club (RSC) provides a wide variety of programs for all ages and ability levels of skiers, including those with physical disabilities. Our mission is to create opportunities for recreational and competitive Alpine (downhill) skiing and snowboarding, Nordic (cross country) skiing and Biathlon.

Each of our programs merits its own page on this website. Most are associated with provincial and national associations which in turn have their own websites. This page is a table of contents a with short description of each program and a link to its associated web page.

Teaching and Competitive Programs

Alpine Adaptive Ski Program

We believe that all people have an equal right to enjoy skiing regardless of ability. The Regina Alpine Adaptive Ski Program enables people with physical disabilities to participate in alpine (downhill) skiing. We have adaptive ski equipment and coaching techniques for a wide variety of disabilities. The program each year included six weekly training lessons as well as opportunities for events in the mountains and an annual CADS Festival. In addition, we sponsor an annual SaskTel Challenge Cup. This is a fun fund-raising event which features corporate teams, each paired with one of our Alpine Adaptive skiers.

Alpine (downhill) Racing

The Regina Alpine Ski Club (RASC) is an affiliate of the Regina Ski Club. Its programs include downhill racing for all age groups, including the Regina Nancy Greene Ski and Snowboard League for young skiers, the Regina Alpine Race Team (RART) for competitive youth, and the Regina Alpine Recreational Program. They also offer alpine ski lessons for adults. Click here to go directly to the Regina Alpine Ski Club website.


As its name implies, biathlon is a dual sport, combining nordic skiing with target shooting. Anyone over the age of eight may participate. Biathlon Regina partners with other organizations to train its members via dryland skiing using rollerblades, skate ski training on trails maintained by the Regina ski club, and shooting at the Regina Wildlife Federation shooting range.

Bunnyrabbits and Jackrabbits

Jackrabbits, developed by Cross Country Canada to introduce children to nordic skiing, uses lessons and games to teach skills. Awards for skills improvement and for reaching speed and distance goals inspire kids to progress. Parents are encouraged to ski with the kids to promote family fun. There are separate classes for Bunnyrabbits, ages 3 to 5, and Jackrabbits, ages 6 to 10. Most lessons take place in Regina.

Nordic Lessons

The RSC Nordic Lessons Program offers beginning and intermediate cross-country ski lessons to any interested skiers once there is sufficient snow. Group sessions are offered in the basics of both classic and skate styles, as well as in hill-climbing in classic style. Individual lessons are also available.

The Nordic Race Team also offers more advanced Nordic lessons to those interested in racing or simply developing their skills further.

Nordic Race Team

The Regina Ski Club Cross Country racing group focuses on skill development and fitness for youth high performance through fun, training and competitive events both in and out of Province. The Track Attack program focuses on children to the age of 13. When suitable coaches are available, the High Performance Racing Group continues developing the ski specific skills and fitness of youth and young adults ages 13 and above.

Wednesday Night Races

Wednesday Night Races provide local racing opportunities to both competitive and recreational Nordic skiers of all ages. Every week from mid-December to early March, weather permitting, the Regina Ski Club holds a Wednesday Night Race at one of the half dozen ski trails in Regina. Races may feature classic style or freestyle skiing. All Regina Ski Club members are welcome to participate, free of charge, regardless of age, skiing experience, or ability.

Recreational Ski Trips

These programs are presented under the Events and Trips menu of this website.

Alpine Trips

The Regina Ski Club usually conducts two or three multi-day downhill ski trips to the mountains during the ski season. See the Alpine Trips page for details.

Nordic Trips

The Regina Ski Club also conducts several cross-country ski trips every winter. All are bus trips to nordic ski trails in Saskatchewan and neighboring provinces. Many are day trips, but some are weekend trips, and at least one trip to the Rockies is longer. See the Nordic Trips page for details.