RSC Nordic Lessons Programs

The descriptions below for the “Five-Lesson Package for Adult Skiers” are the plans for the upcoming 2017-2018 ski season.

However, the plans for the “Drop In (one time) Introductory Classes” are yet to be finalized, so the description of that program tell what was offered last season. This season may be different.

Cross-country ski lessons are offered to experienced skiers and to those who are just beginning or would like a refresher. The introductory classes provide a single 90 minute lesson in the basics to get you started. The 5 lesson package will suit those who are fairly comfortable on skis and wish to improve their technique for a variety of terrain situations. Both classic (parallel) and freestyle (skate) skiing styles are taught. Private lessons are also available.

Choose the option that suits you best from the three options listed below.

1. Five-Lesson Package for Adult Skiers

These are the plans for the upcoming 2017-2018 ski season.

If you are fairly comfortable on your skis and would like to improve your technique and gain confidence, you can now register for a set of nordic skiing lessons that will begin the end of December. There will be a beginner group and an intermediate group for both skate and classic styles.

Taught by three or four experienced and well-qualified instructors including Ruth Chambers, Craig Francis and Trevor Norgen, the cost for 5 sessions is $100. Registration is limited to 36 participants. Lessons will be held Tuesday evenings at 7:00 PM at the Science Center, beginning December 19th 2017, taking a break over the holidays resuming in January, weather and ski trail conditions permitting. The lesson fees are used to support our young competitors in the Nordic Race High Performance Program.

An evening lesson will be postponed if the temperature is lower than -25 Celsius not including wind chill. We will use the Regina Ski Club Facebook page to communicate that information and it will be posted no later than 5:30pm. Any postponed lesson(s) will be made up on Tuesday evenings later in the season.

The coordinator of the Five-Lesson Package program is Brennan Craig.
You may phone him at 306-570-3775 or email for more details and/or to register for the 5-lesson package.

2. Drop In (one time) Introductory Classes

The plans for this type of lessons are yet to be finalized, so the description below is what was offered last season.

Pre-registration is required.
Ski lessons are held at the Science Center trail. Lesson times are by arrangement.
They may be weekend days or weekday evenings. Bring a headlamp if it is evening.
All classes are open to any interested skiers. Class size is 8 participants.

The cost is $15 payable at the lesson (exact cash, please). If you wish intermediate level instruction, please call and your name will be placed on a wait list. When there are enough registrants, an Intermediate level class will be scheduled.

Cancellation policy for one-time lessons:
If the temperature at 11 AM on lesson day (wind chill factored in) is minus 20 or lower, the lesson is cancelled. It will be up to each registrant to check the Environment Canada website on lesson day.
You will be phoned regarding rescheduling of the class.

Currently we are offering the following beginner classes. Times will be arranged based on demand, availability of instructors, and weather conditions.

Introduction to Classic Style

This class will introduce the fundamentals of classic cross country skiing, and include technique for safely going up and down a small hill. The Classic Style involves holding the skis parallel, usually in two groomed tracks, and pushing straight back.

Introduction to Skate (Freestyle) Skiing

This class will introduce the fundamentals of freestyle cross country skiing, and include technique for safely going up and down a small hill. Freestyle or skate skiing involves pushing the skis back and to the side in a motion that looks like skating on ice. No tracks are required.

3. Private lessons

You may arrange for a private lesson by contacting Hal Herbison, who is available on weekdays / evenings.
Contact #: 306-530-0824
- 1 participant – $ 30.00 / hour
- 2 participants – $ 45.00 / hour ($ 22.50 each)
- 3 participants – $ 60.00 / hour ($ 20.00 each )

Times and locations will be arranged between the instructor(s) and the student(s).